Violence of the Lambs

Had just walked out of the cinema after watching Ratatouille and yes, its good. The animation, the storyline and the feel good factor. Yummy. Should go and watch it. Food-4-thot had watched it too and she said it was good. Good animation plus good food… sure was fun huh?

Anyway as I was walking out of the cineplex, I saw this huge standee with a blood thirsty sheep. It looked kinda funny with blood and possessed eyes. It’s a New Zealand show and the CG effects are done by the people at WETA Workshops – responsible for Lord of The Rings. It’s called Black Sheep, a horror comedy flick. Quote from a reviewer – “Just don’t expect it to be s***-your-pants scary.”

Well, the movie seems to be a no brainer but what the heck. I might not be rushing for this one. If any of you watched it, let me know if its worth while.

The only NZ movie I remember watching and enjoyed was The Whale Rider. Oh yeah and lai@evil was the one who got it for me. Hehe… thanks again ya.

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  1. haha true true. if any of your friends watched it ask them to comment. if good then can go try… *wonder*

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