The Wedding Rush

Attended my primary/hometown/childhood friend’s wedding last Saturday. And this time, I was the “guy” ji mui. Was supposed to help out here and there. Had a ji mui dinner gathering the night before and it ended quite early. The real ji muis left when I arrived, leaving only E (the other guy ji mui) around. Had a quick dinner, sat around talking for a while then left the place, bidding goodnight to the bride. Can see that J was a bit nervous with the whole thing.

Arrived at the service apartment the next morning and the girls was inside the room. Being the first guy ji mui to arrive, I waited in the living room. Trying hard to blend into the relative crowd. Goes without saying, I failed. Called E to hasten up and get his ass over. Weirdness crept over me once again when I stepped into the bride’s room. There are no male lame jokes and stuff. It’s all make up and dresses. Felt like I had a spotlight over me, too self conscious I guess. But funny thing is, an auntie commented that E and me looks out of place. We looked younger than we were supposed to compared to the ji muis. Maybe we did not put on any make up, kot. Haha… (Seriously, the auntie said so. Flame her not me)

Fast forward, we were at the wedding dinner, seated and ready to rumble. Had to endure a snippet of Beauty and the Beast cartoon before eating. No Kitaro this time. SN said he attended one with a Superman theme intro. He later said it was Star Wars. Ok le… at least it has a slow build up instead of the adrenaline Superman one. The Superman theme for going up to the hotel room is more appropriate la. Anyway, we “sapu” all our dishes quickly. Soon it was round 2.

The club, Rush was the most accessible and since we already had a few glasses to drink, all agreed. We were forewarned that Rush is now a regular hangout spot for “lala”. But since we had around ten (10+) fellows, it won’t matter right? We have our own group. It would be fun. Well, was I in for a big surprise. The place was so deserted even a car jockey was not in sight. No glow-in-the-dark hand stamps and big burly bouncers. The place looks sad. WTF!!! Don’t say “lala”… “see ham” also don’t have ar. Pathetic. Compared to the crowd that I saw the last time I was there… it’s like heaven and earth. It was many years ago though.

Had a bit more to drink and made a fool of myself till around 2am before we left. Wise decision for Food4Thot and LotD to leave early. Honestly speaking, I did enjoy myself being with my friends after all though the place sucked big time. No Rush.

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  1. @ SN
    haha… i was not complaining about the night also. 😛

    because the bride is my friend since standard 1. and I dunno the bridegroom. Sure la be on jimui side. okok… we arrange one fine day.

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