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Sweet Toothache

From Mr. Ginger to the George the Dead Clown… they are some art/food works from Eugene and Louise Bakery comprising of three Belgian individuals who are out to conquer the world with (in their own words), chocolate dreams, sugar-bomb tastings and the nostalgic love for some real home cooking. It was this that brought the three of them together in the first place anyway.

They have pretty cakes and cravings inducing chocolates. So not safe to view if you are on a strict diet. But the ones that caught my eyes are their marzipan treats. That’s where Mr. Ginger and friends comes in.

Marzipan : a confection of crushed almonds or almond paste, sugar, and egg whites that is often shaped into various forms

Shown together are some white chocolate butter cookie clouds. Has it got your heart rate up yet?
How could one possibly munch on them? It’s too kewl to be swallowed.

Link : Eugene & Louise Bakery

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quote : “How could one possibly munch on them? It’s too kewl to be swallowed.”

it would be just plain evil to munch them.. hehe..

p/s : you ve got a non compulsory tag.

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