Sharing A Roof

Yup I have a new housemate today. Was expecting it as another housemate of mine has asked permission whether we still have room to accommodate another. I just shrugged my shoulders but I could tell from the look in her eyes but most importantly the tone of her voice. It’s more of informing me than asking permission.
So when I saw her coming back in just now, it seems that she knew what I was thinking. “She is inside the car” she said and went back out.

I was rushing to go out for an appointment so I went up for a bath, a very quick one indeed. Got dressed and dashed downstairs. Before I stepped out I manage to steal a glimpse. She is cute all right. Adorable. But I did not stop for introduction. Save it for later. Maybe I shall get a hug from her, on pretext that it is customary for new housemates. Will try and take a picture of her. Not voyeur.

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