Pirated Fake Artifical Egg… Yucks

What in the hell…!
I am not sure that I am proud of their scientific achievement but apparently it seems China has somehow managed to produce fake eggs. Its only one-tenth the cost of a normal egg but it makes me feel nauseous just thinking of it. The main ingredients are food additives, resin, starch, solidifier, and pigments and tests shows that over consumption will damage the stomach and cause symptoms such as loss of memory and mental retardation, etc. It’s like dying a slow death comparable to smoking.I don’t think it’s worth it for cheaper raw material.

This phenomena is not new to them as courses in making artificial eggs are widely advertised online and the classes could take one or two days. Some training centers even boasts that “You can hardly tell the difference in appearance and taste between our product and real eggs.” Gosh… It won’t be long before someone makes a huge ass fake egg posing as Humpty Dumpty at a low cost. No worries about him having big falls anymore then. Hahaha…

And I am starting to suspect my recent spate of forgetfulness. I might be consuming dirt cheap chemical made eggs all these while for all I know. Oh no…

I did a Google search on “making artificial eggs” and sure enough there are some explanations on how-to. You could learn and start to poison people with your dishes. Evil… and they won’t know.

Learn : Method for making artificial egg yolks in the form of a cylinder

My search on ways of telling difference between real eggs and artificial ones did not show any dependable results. It may be because it’s not a widespread thing yet or they are becoming so retarded. Anyone has any idea?

Be forewarned as this is not the only artificial food available…
A research center based in Fengtai, Beijing, claims that “Our company has been spreading the technology in making artificial eggs. We trained over 70 thousand students in over 20 provinces in the country. We also provide technologies to make “artificial grapes,” “artificial beef and chicken,” and “making hawthorn flavored candied fruit without using hawthorn fruits.” Duh…..

Update :
False alarm on this issue. It seems that it was a hoax just like the China cardboard bun issue.

Thanks Yvonne 😉

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@Yvonne (my gf’s friend)
Thanks a lot for the enlightenment, yvonne. Now I know better and yeah, I kinda know you because you are the one who cooks and posts recipe daily. Nice to see you dropping by.

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