PDM’s Daging Salai

I would salute/respect/appreciate the police force if they storm into suspense-bullet-hailing-high-profile-bank-robbery scenes to neutralize the robbers. Or climbing onto their car roof’s during high speed car chase downtown while trying to shoot the wheels off the bad guys getaway vehicle. Or jumping off bridges and landing and rolling on top of buses in their pursuit of thieves alike. They could even offer themselves up for hostage during tense situation. I don’t care really as long as they don’t come and bother us with their little slip of white trash… tucked nicely under our wipers.

I wish I was caught speeding instead. At least I could help their family buy some fish or new school bag for their kids after they had their “minum teh” rounds. My key was not even in the ignition. You dicks. Go sit on a wheelchair man. Don’t go driving around wasting petrol and let the ink bleed on pulp. Jerk offs. Yes I share a common interest with a lot of people.

Tomorrow I will have to park legally. The LRT station’s parking space has been reduced tremendously. The previous plot of land has been reclaimed and that means that the station parking lots has gone down and this makes the mad rush worse and the kind management sees this as a prefect reason to hike the price up by another ringgit to RM3 since their profit has been slashed. Duffy should scream her latest tune deafening them in process… and everybody goes:

You got me begging you for mercy
I’m begging you for mercy
I’m begging you for mercy
I’m begging you for mercy
I’m begging you for mercy

Why wont you release me yeah yeah

(continue till you lose your voice with your middle finger in the air)

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I feel your pain man. I really do. Now what I do is park like a zillion miles away in a ‘safe’ spot. Upside – get to park for free. Downside – gotta walk like a zillion miles before you get to the station. Well, at least no more little crap piece of paper beneath the wipers.

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