Overheating Wheels

I am sitting in front of my computer and typing this when I am supposed to be waiting in line on the LRT platform.

The reason why is because my car is having some problems. I discovered it last night and the thing is that my temperature meter shoots up from C to H in under 10 minutes. The humming sound of the propelling fan beneath the hood just gets louder… my heart sinks lower to my stomach by millimeters with every turns. Was hoping that everything will return to normal this morning but as I drove out of my house with my eyes fixated on the meter… the orange needle decides to pretend that it’s an arm on a clock. Bloody cock. It does not move like the hour hand nor the minute hand. More like a bastard son of the minute and seconds hand.

My first housemate has awoken and her sleepy looks seemed surprised to see me tapping softly away. Nah… I am not mad at the situation I am in now… so there is no need for me to thump away cursing and swearing in the cold and grey morning. Things like these happen to people everyday and it’s my turn today. Plus it’s drizzling a little. But I do not want to apply for an emergency leave but it seems that I have no choice. Another day wasted or is it? Let me see what I could be doing today. There are several things that I could do. No. Climbing is not one of them. Some work and errands to run after I get my car to my aunt’s workshop in KL area. Will add in more water in the radiator and with my fingers crossed, hopefully, I can make it through the 25 minutes journey. Let the traffic subside first. I do not want to be the one who screws up thousands of people’s morning on the Federal Highway and be the anonymous one hogging up traffic reports on the radio stations. It’s a Friday and Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate! Yeah!

Bon voyage to my buddy heading back to Shanghai. Had a great time talking to you but time is not on our side nowadays. All the best in your ventures and hopefully we get more time to share the things that has been happening soon. Cheers.

Time is 8.20am. I am planning to head out at 10 am. Think I will go finish up my muesli and yoghurt and also The Little Prince (have been putting it on hold). Smile.