Not Young Enough For Caffeine

Tossed, rocked and rolled till 3 in the morning. It was like I was placed on a grill and I was the fish. A fish with more bones than meat. And this particular fish tonight damned wished it was deep fried and get it over with instead of being char grilled. Slow painful death. My cotton bedsheets was getting hotter as the seconds passed. Yeah… it felt like a banana leaf on heat layered with some lousy graded cooking oil.

My breathing seemed to amplify in the silence of my room. The little people in my head was all hyper… working the machines… sending messages here and there… and I could see messages fleeting by my eyes. The vast black blank screen. I am not sure, but I supposed my body denied my mind or rather delayed the bloody process of waking up and flicking the bloody pendaflour lights on. Of course when I did, I did not feel any better… my body was starting to heat up and I gave the blanket a taste of my horizontal shadow kick. If Jet Li was there… he would have personally handed me a flyer for his family-oriented Shaolin Kungfu Martial Arts Center Sdn. Bhd. “Now everyone can KungFu”

Grabbed a book. Read 2 chapters. Bloody late already. Only a few more hours before I would be sitting in front of my computer and blogging about it… with weak attempts on delivering a watered down sleep deprive version – a night wrecked by caffeine.

Damn those beans. Air suam is always the safest. Lesson learned, yet again.

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Hello!! Majority of the tea and coffee contained caffeine. Should you really want to stay away from caffeine but can’t stays away from the coffee or tea, go “caffeine free” coffee or tea.. but the prices will not be cheap lor…

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