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MP3 Nanum – A WorldVision & GS Caltex Project

Am not a tech freak but I always have a soft spot for simple and cool gadgets. Haha… don’t we all. Nearly. The Koreans are really outdoing themselves in for the past few years, in the entertainment, fashion, design and technology industry and it catches on and spreads like wildfire. This is the second MP3 player I want to share and it’s the Nanumβ„’. The first being Disney’s Mplayer.

Sounds eerily similar to the Apple’s Ipod Nano though but with a whole different cause. I have no idea what Nanum means, it might be something in Korean or it could be a play of words. Anyway this MP3 player is now a part of WorldVision’s project. WorldVision is an international relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, the place where you can find the Sponsor-A-Child Program. With the 1Gb Nanum, they are hoping to raise more funds to help the kids. It’s produced, manufactured and distributed with the sole purpose of giving and sharing. All profits goes to charity 100%. The sites are in Korean so I am not able to get more information. I downloaded 2 free MP3s on the Nanum WolrdVision sponsored site, one of them is a Christmas medley in Korean. κ·€μ—¬μ›Œ (GiYoWo) I think that’s cute in Korean. Loads more photos there.

You might want to have a look at Nanum WV | Nanum GS

The design company involved in this is ID+IM, explaining the insignias printed on the MP3 Nanum. ID+IM means I Design Therefore I Am. This should be home to Prof. Samgmin Bae, the head designer I suppose. Correct me if I am wrong.

Several names are given to this MP3 player it seems. Some called it Nanum, ID+IM called it their Nanoom Project and the linkage on WorldVision is Nanuum. Duh…

7 replies on “MP3 Nanum – A WorldVision & GS Caltex Project”

really awesome cool design i must say. Seems that every product design story will spot these two familiar features “i” and “my” -like ipod, imac, myvi. Hehe.. i guess it is time me to change to a new blog name – “i bLog” πŸ™‚

@ joshuaongys
well the size is a little bigger than a dice… but hey, for a cool design with such a noble deed… it makes it way cooler. just wonder how much will it cost.

@ rose
yes… the 100% towards charity is commendable indeed unlike other charity campaigns we see often.

@ rizal
haha rizal, please don’t. the “disease” is all over already. bet you can come up with something better πŸ˜‰

@ leon
it’s existence is very different with that of an iPod and if it’s reasonably priced it should be able to raise a considerably good amount of fund.

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