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Incredible Hulk 2… bah the news did not generate enough excitement for me. This is because the previous Ang Lee’s bastardize version of the green monster totally blew it for me. All the hype built up around the famed director and the movie never lived up to it’s name, so naturally the second installment did not made me look. Lo and behold was I wrong. I sat upright when I saw Edward Norton’s name in it. It made me look twice. One of my all time favourite actor is in it. And he is also involved in the screenplay. How rad could it be…

I first noticed this dark versatile actor in American History X. Then there came Fight Club which solidify his presence. Enough about him… do a google search on him if you want to know more. I am waiting for June, 2008. Thump thump thump. No trailer found yet.

Oh and it seems Robert Downey Jr. has taken the helm as The Ironman. Another superhero movie to watch. Check out the trailer.

For Pirate’s fan, mmm… rejoice as Captain Jack Sparrow will be back in his quest for Fountain of Youth. The rumored fourth spin-off of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will see Johhny Depp reprise his swash buckling anti-hero Jack Sparrow but without Keira and Orlando. For this I think we will have to wait with bated breath. Won’t be happening next year I am sure.

Ali Larter, the hot girl from Heroes series will be taking over the starring role from Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil 4th installment. Rat tat tat. Chop chop chop.

Seems like the trend for superhero roles is no longer an opening for up and coming/unknown/struggling actors/actresses but a chance for established ones to save the world.

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