Monyet Gila Di Wangsa Maju

Akhirnya kelahiran gym boulder baru kian menjadi kenyataan… ketibaannya dialukan dengan hati yang terbuka. Ku menantikan hari pertemuan pemandangan batu-bata hijau terlantar setinggi mataku memandang, menantikan langkah ke dunia MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym.

Bahasa Melayu aku sudah habis berkarat. Macam sial. Macam manalah aku nak improve ni… argh. Lama dah tak lepak dengan member member dan otai climber yang lain. Kat ofis pun bukannya banyak sangat cakap melayu. Cerita dongeng pun dah kurang. Harap haraplah boleh jumpa balik budak budak Summit kat sana, yang tu pun kalaulah aku rajin sangat nak boulder.

Ok… kat sini aku nak guna balik bahasa orang putih… memudahkan search engine ni.

The new bouldering gym that’s to be opened by the end of April 2009 in Wangsa Maju, christened the MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym is highly anticipated. Become a fan in Facebook. They have a half cook website currently… with pathetically number of photographs up just enough to make you salivate. Damn. Makes you want to be there physically to take in the view. Am not expecting big spacious bouldering area. More of a close cousin of Deltarovers. After all, if not mistaken a handful of those involved are Delta boys. Kudos.

How to get your ass there to break some muscles? Click for a larger image. If link is missing just go to their website.

Still too lazy to click external links? Here is some basic information I grabbed shamelessly from their site.

MadMonkeyz Climbing is Malaysia’s newest climbing gym which currently dedicated to bouldering and movement training for climbing. Located at Wangsa Maju, we host some of Malaysia’s climbing community groups by offering great routes and atmosphere to train in, all close to public transport. Madmonkeyz is open 7 days a week, with drinks and snacks available while training along with a comfy place to chill out!

Enough already. Meet you there someday.
Hope they have a nice place for you to shower. Hate the idea of driving 45 minutes home all sticky and stinky… or worse… an hour plus in a crowded lrt.

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  1. hoh…abg man (rozman batu) just texted me on the opening.hoh balik offshore nak pi tgk and try…since dia dah invite for this weekend opening.

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