Kung Fu Panda Teaser Trailer and Wall-E Poster

Just got the teaser trailer from Seems like it would be a big hit with all the action that Jack Black or shall I say Po is packing in the movie. Looks promising.

[flv:/swf/kungfu-panda-promo.flv /swf/kungfu-panda-promo.jpg 448 272]

Oh and while browsing I saw that Pixar will be having a animated movie out in 2008 too. It’s called Wall-E. It’s set to hit our screens on June 27th 2008. Something of a robot-in-love kinda story. The robot looks like a mechanical version of ET to me. But cool nonetheless. Nothing to do but wait. A summer of Dreamworks ancient martial arts versus Pixar’s futuristic robots season.

Check out the trailer at and Wall-E’s official site.

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