Go Sleep Outside

I had never went on a real camping trip ever. The only one that I… wait I just remembered I had 2 such experience during my school days. Not really that outdoor as I might care to call it.

First camp experience was during my primary school years… Standard 5 or 6. I am grabbing loose ends and tying them together here. I don’t remember how and why I was there. Or for whatever event it was. Erm… a lot of wood stacked in the middle. Bonfire thing. Campsite was beside the school hall. Each of us get to sleep on stretcher bed types. Boys get to sleep outdoors… and the girls in classroom on desks. They decorated the class windows with their towels and clothes, a temporary curtain/blind thing. I don’t seem to remember doing anything memorable. How I spent the night away from home and together with dozens of children doing nothing eventful puzzles me. The details I remember was that the toilet in the Standard 6 block was flooded due to the girls usage. God knows what they try to flush down the pipes. Since they invaded and destroyed the toilets there, I remember having to go take a leak at the Standard 1 and 2 toilets. Damn. Gloomy dark and cold. Somehow the toilets there seemed to have instilled fear in me after all those years. I had never been willing to take a dump in them for the fear of what evil awaits me. And for the record in all my school years I seemed to have corked up my ass, never squatting over any shit stained porcelain unless Nature called me using the PA system. I remembered tearing up the corridors back to civilization with two other friends after we finished our business. Not turning back at all.

Saw a thin colorful snake coiled on a low branch joining us for a mass bullshitting session. Haha. I really can’t remember anything besides all these crap. There was the pair of red eyes amongst the trees at night too. That’s about it.

The last one I had was in Form 5. A joint event organized for prefects – mixed with other prefects from another school. Not that I did anything useful being a prefect. Never really gave a shit to what authority the tie gave me anyway. Oh well, this trip provided more fun. Camped on Institut Haiwan’s ground and damn… do they have a lot of ants everywhere. All I had to pack was some clothes and food. That was the first time I bought instant porridge too. Maggi. No idea how to cook it and supper sucked big time. It was eating MSG + uncooked rice and lots of hot water. Memorable cause I had to share it with some other hungry people. For that I got a temporary name Mr. Porridge.
We got to hiked a trail and it was fun too. Went in to knee deep mud and saw several students grabbing on plants with thorns too. Ouch. It was quite a long walk for my standard that time and it was tiring. We got to jump into the murky man-made lake when we finished the hike. There we met a snobbish little fucker and we saved some leftover sardine and threw into his camp since the place was practically infested with ants. No idea what happen in the night for him.

Early the next morning I had to escort some girls to the toilet to wash their face when I myself was barely half awake. Brushed my teeth with closed eyes while waiting for them. The night before I tried lying on the mini jetty looking up at the skies hunting down shooting stars and it was a waste of my time. Counting stars did not work either with all the gaggle around me. I rather stare blankly. Ha… I did not know how I went to sleep and the sleeping condition but I know I borrowed a pair of track suit pants from a fellow student to wear. I think I did not return him the piece of clothing. Gosh…

I think I did not really slept at all during the camp. I remembered going home and went dead after a shower. It took a lot from me, since I was caught sleeping in my Mathematics class. The teacher called upon me and I just stood up from my sleep. Goes without saying it was a the rest of the class found it amusing. Can’t remember much already. All these happened more than ten years ago.
So yes I am excited, anticipating the forthcoming camping+hiking trip. Weeeee….. oooo weeee oooo weeee