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Dong Dong Chiang

Been so up in the clouds lately with the holiday season round the corner. Nah… been a little busy at work and lazy of course.

Am having a holiday tomorrow for I work in KL area. Yippie… and I will be on leave for the Lunar New Year till the 12th of February and am definitely dragging my overslept and overfed ass back to work on the eve of Valentines. My New Year is always the same.
First day – temple, go to my Mum’s mum’s house after lunch
Second day – spend a night there and leave after lunch, dinner with my dad’s side
Third day – eat, sleep, tv, talk – repeat
Fourth day – repeat third day and goes on

I don’t like to go visiting. Hate the idea of repeating the same things to the aunties, uncles and friends. All we talk is about the weather, work, marriage bla bla and bla. When all is said and done, lingering moments will be focused on the TV showing bloody old reruns of decade old movies. Even if it’s new, it would suck. After littering their floor with crumbs of tidbits and a growing mountain of can/box drinks, we pat our booty and leave. Oh yeah… not forgetting getting well deserved red packets. This is the time where the cheeky/funny/stale comments comes in eg. Hope next year you will be handing out red packets or something similar. Give a deadpan remark and just muster up a curve. Leave and don’t look back.

But I enjoy the holidays though, as this will be the time that I get to hang around home for longer than 2 days. I missed home cooked food and I get to once again annoy the shit out of my siblings. Reliving a little of the good o’ days. Can’t think of much now for my mind is occupied with the lazing days ahead. Oh geez… I will be organizing… I mean my housemates and I will be having a BBQ for a group of 20 plus. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us. From getting our breakfast to shopping for stuff, cleaning, preparation and having fun. Let’s hope it don’t rain and the neighbours don’t complain too much. Especially the newly wed pricks. Here is a middle finger to them first… just in case.

Speaking of vulgarity… have any of you caught wind of some young asian celebrities sex romp scandal? I shall not elaborate on my blog but you guys can check it out at the links below. Hell… let’s name names. It’s leading actor is Edison Chen while there are nearly two handfuls of supporting actresses. The ones shown are Gillian Chung and Bobo. Rumors have it that Jolin Tsai, Elva, Maggie Q and Cecilia Chung are also involved. What a way to “ush ush”er in the New Year. But anyway I don’t think it will affect them for too long. In this case… the photos. Can’t say the same for videos though. Just wait and see.

Warning : Definitely NFSW materials.
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4 replies on “Dong Dong Chiang”

your title.. i would read it as “duung duung cheahhh..” Well, that how it plays in my mind. Hehe. Anyway, have a heppi holiday and a great chinese new year ya. Ohh, i have given you an award on my site. Dont worry, it is not a tag game – haha. cheers and hepi blogging ya

Happy Chinese New Year…So,will you keep blogging during the holiday? I mean, if you won’t than I have to stop expecting new post in your blog.Anyway, don’t worry about getting bored with your holiday activity. Think something fun! What about the “angpao”? 🙂

@ rizal
thanks for the award and would like to get my doodling gloves on when i get back. hehe… it’s holiday mood now.

@ rose
thanks for visiting rose and i won’t be updating my blog much during this festive season. as you might have noticed i have already been slacking lately. aaa… home sweet home… see you soon and happy chinese new year to you too! angpao what angpao? hehe…

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