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Corbis Pinhole Cameras

I have always seen these in hobby books and sites. Never really got my hands dirty with it though. Found these on a sub Corbis website. Corbis is a stock image+illustration+footage website. The cameras they offers are designed exclusively with images and illustrations available in their media warehouse. Currently they have 5 designs (Peyote, Photos of Your Mother, Doctor Livingstone, Astrocam and Pablo) but only 3 are with complete download at blog publish time. The PDF file is quite detailed and informative.

Any of you tried making one before?

My fave design is the Pablo.

The result… a bit grainy dreamy feel huh…

Step-by-step instructions
ReadyMech Cameras

4 replies on “Corbis Pinhole Cameras”

ohhhhh… that looks like fun.. i dont mind so much about the not-so-sharp resolution.. just love for its fun concept.

btw, you ve got another award from me. Since this is a joyful season (ehem2 PRU result), so i thought of what a better way to celebrate, then giving out more award. hihi..

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