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Cheer Bear Glitter Series

Finally I got my hand on a Cheer Bear from the New Glitter Glow-A-Lot series. Yup its a plush toy that glows. A cute one to boot. When I got it I had doubts that it was a fake as I could not find it in the PlayAlongToys website. They had a Glow-In-The-Dark Cheer Bear but the design are different without the ribbon on the head, the rainbow across the chest is bigger, the colour was light pink and the eyes were different. Damn… It had me going into a search frenzy in Google and what a relief when I finally saw it staring back at me from the screen. The same Cheer Bear I had in my arms.
Got this from
Check out the gif animation I did. It might take some time to load though.

For those of you who wants to get hold of a Care Bear figure, it’s kind of hard to get it in Malaysia as I have tried going to quite a number of departmental stores and toy shops but came out empty handed. Well can’t blame them because Care Bears series has not been aired on our TVs for a long time. This will be a present for dearest. Mission Extract Care Bear has been accomplished and the secondary mission is to launch a surprise. How shall I present it? Mmm.

Note: Was interrupted during this posting by housemate to catch a cockroach. Kill! Kill!

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it’s ok. 😀
I have no idea but it should be under RM100. Cos the person I “tumpang” to buy also no idea.

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