Mooncake Galore… not

Happy Mooncake Festival people!
Have you had your share of mooncake? I had eaten half of a Snow Skin Yam Paste Single Yolk already… since last 3 weeks. Mmm… I think this is my 10th year spending it away from my family. I won’t be having any celebration too tonight for I will be on my own. No lantern and no mooncake. Only Chang-er staring down at me laughing gleefully.

But wait… I could go and climb. Fellow climbers, Derrick and DD suggested going over to Shah Alam X-treme park to climb tonight. I have not been there at night. A couple of hours blanketed by the dark night skies sound tempting. No stars as we are in the city except for the Orion’s Belt and friends. Let’s hope it don’t rain. Need to reconfirm their kind offer. Could take some photos of the park too.

Oh and to sponky, there should at least a decent park for you to jog right? Get a good pair of trainers and do some laps. That should burn some calories. Alternatively, you could take the ferry over to Hong Kong every now and then to get some workout. Both you and your wallet will be losing much weight over time. Hehe… And don’t worry, you were always the pudgy one among us. Happy Mooncake Festival from us here at home.

By the way, why haven’t any suppliers send any mooncakes to my workplace this year? Last year we had a lot and I managed to eat a few mooncakes for tea time. Actually I was the one who ate the most. With yolk or without yolk also I sapu. This year I have yet to see any… geez… burn. No free mooncake binge.

Note : I need to get a USB Bluetooth dongle to transfer some images taken with my phone so I can share my bad quality photos.


I am back

Ops… sorry for not posting for so long. Was away on holidays in Bangkok. 🙂 Spent great time with my gf walking around and exploring some new places. It was fun…
Will try to post some photos tonight but right now I have gotta get back to pending work.

Cough cough… Am still sick though. But happy sick.


Casper back in custody…

Nah… it does not sound that bad. In fact the little fellow was excited and happy when I saw him again. A kind couple saw him lying in front of their porch and they brought him in. The reason was because they have 2 female dogs and 1 of them was on heat. So our ‘hamsap’ friend went over to try his luck. That’s what we call save by the pussy huh. Haha… Wait no, that was not coined by me, but my brother’s boss. Credit goes to him. Anyway the nice couple sent a picture to my brother before they decided to groom Casper.

It’s obvious his runaway journey was to emulate his idol, ex-Guns N’ Roses and current guitarist of Velvet Revolver, Slash.

Cough cough

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McD Buffet and Pinball Rat

Its that time of the year again which only means we will be having Hari Raya holidays in a months time. Wow… time flies. I see my Malay colleagues are all enduring their first day of fasting. As Adam Sandler or Rob Schneider, “You can do it!”

If I remembered correctly 3 years during this Ramadhan month, Ryan, Jerri and I launched an assault on a McDonald franchise in Bangi which resulted in bloated tummies, high cholesterol level and bad constipation. Not many people know that McDonald organizes buffet during the fasting month. Ronald and friends love to see us stuff our face silly with Big Mac, Ayam Goreng McD, McNuggets, Apple Pie and Sundae Cones while gulping down mouthfuls of Coke. Well the McD stint had me stayed away from any other outlets for a good couple of months. Never had I ate so much of McD stuff before. I had Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Fillet-O-Fish, 2pc Ayam Goreng McD, >12pcs of McNuggets, French Fries, Sundae Cone, 2 Coke and a few bits of Cheeseburger. Not sure if I left out anything but that night I stopped and got myself 2 packets of ENO before going home. I spent quite a substantial amount of time riding the porcelain pony for a couple of days, mind you. Ryan even made one or 2 more trips back there… Bravo!!! Salute!!!
Well the 3 of us cleared nearly RM100 of McD food stuff that night.

For those of you who would love to give it a go, here. Click for larger image.

Its available only at selected outlets. So check them out before you go barging into any outlets lusting for Big Mac freeflow or whatever.

Oh and a follow up to the Ratatouille post. Here is a pinball game called Rat’N’Roll.

Damn, I am still sick. Coughing now. Only 2 more days to go… Argh…

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Tagged by Ericca

Just got back from Muar and it seems I got tagged by Ericca. It’s a first for me so why not… Here goes:

Instructions :
Remove the first Blog and add your own blog last!

1. Bokjae
2. Keeyit
3. Something is Happenin’
4. Magicland
5. Abnerd

Q1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Just got out from secondary school doing part time work and getting ready for art college.

Q2. What were you doing 1 Year ago?
Working, climbing, eating and sleeping

Q3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
M&M, bitter choc, rounded baby biscuit, dahfa fish snack and lately Chipster manage to get on the list.

Q4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?
I kinda forget them now.

Q5. 5 things you would do if you are a Millionare?
Mmm… havent given it a thought. No point wasting bandwidth now.

Q6. 5 Bad habits?
Procastination, lazy, temperamental, crazy and annoying

Q7. 5 things you like to do?
Good movies+ songs, talk to friends, climbing with friends, being with Moon and being outdoors

Q8. 5 Favourite Toys?
Computer, camera, bla, bla and rabbit is a toy?

Q9. 5 things you would never wear?
Never say never. So…

Q10. 5 things you hate to do?
Being with people who annoys more than me, eating lousy food, entertaining brainless rude people, stuck in a jam, doing repeat work and getting sick.

Lastly, tagging others. Don’t burn me if you did it before ya. You people are the ones I picked randomly off.

1. Qiqichan
2. Hoyoyi
3. Kyife
4. Xyiry
5. Jojoyuki

By the way, my Mum’s mama makes a hell of a wicked yam cake/pudding. The ones that I tasted before pales in comparison. Did not stay there long enough to eat other stuff she makes. 🙁

I am hungry now…

Personal Pet

Casper’s Great Escape, nearly

Today officially marks Casper’s disappearance for 1 week.

But to hell with it… everything is fine now. Am so glad.
I could tell when my phone started playing Scooby Doo’s theme song. I spoke to C earlier after dinner regarding our trip to Muar, so there was no special reason for him to call me again. I had been secretly hoping that the poodle will find his way back to C and YF’s arms. Not forgetting GSC @ godmother too although she is far away back north. Been a gloomy week ever since last Merdeka as Casper staged his own big break leaving his sister, Crumbs behind. C and YF looked sad and listless even my aunts speculated that they cried before coming to dinner. They rushed straight back after receiving a call from their groomer saying that Casper was spotted. Alas, it was a false alarm.

Anyway, my bro voiced out his plight in a pet forum and someone got a whiff of it and called C after spotting Casper. He wanted to delay the news but he sucked at it cos his voice was filled with excitement and I could hear YF’s happy voice behind. Sorry bro, you can’t Gotcha! me. 😛
Guess C have to do something to the gates now. Better be safe than sorry. Luckily it ended well. *relief sigh*
No more sad emo MSN nicks. Thank god.

Any of you out there had their beloved pets went missing before?


Is Mr. Pea Brain your buddy?

This happened last Friday. Though its been over a week I am still feeling pissed by the idiot’s attitude. Stupid fellow, Mr. Pea Brain, can’t do a good side park and he practically bump his car into my gf. The space was big enough for his Proton Wira and still he successfully knock my gf. He even had the nerve to motion us to move the table. The previous car had no problem parking there and mind you it was a more luxurious sedan. Mr. Pea Brain did not fare as well. If he got down the car in crutches or had prosthetic limbs or drooling all over his clothes or blind at least we could understand his plight… his folly. If he was the latter why was he driving. His friend in Estonia was on the news though, Blind driver and he had 3 friends giving instructions while he drove…duh…

Back to the subject.
The fucker got down and just walked away without saying sorry. What goes around comes around. Meanwhile be on a lookout ya. Think he stays in PJ area.

Thank god my gf is fine. Sorry dear.


Give Me My Saman!!!

The experience below is not mine but of someone I like to call mine. *snicker*
It happened yesterday morning and here is my loose translation of the account.

MM turned at a junction and Uncle Policeman and his friends were already soliciting with other drivers there.

Uncle Policeman : Sudah kahwin?
MM : *looks up blur a bit* Belum.
UP : Nak pegi mana ni…
MM : Balik ofis
UP : Amoi, Lesen… Tak pakai seat belt, saman ya.
MM : Berapa? *handing license over*
UP : RM150…*pause*… cam mana sekarang?
MM : Saman la.
UP : Betul mau saman ke? Tak mau settle sekarang?
MM : *shakes head* … Tak mau
UP : Huh.. mengapa?
MM : Takde duit, cik
UP : Berapa u ada?

*MM purse has RM60, but she show no signs of submission.*

MM : Ni duit untuk makan. Takde gaji sekarang.
UP : Betul mau saman ke?
MM : Ya, saman lah.
UP : Betul ke?
MM : Saman le cik, pasal bila dapat gaji saya boleh bayar. Kalau bagi sekarang I dah tak cukup duit makan. Macam mana…
UP : U patut kahwin.. tengok… sekarang takde suami cover
MM : Takde jodoh apa boleh buat
UP : Amoi, pasti u demand tinggi

*MM smiles sheepishly and shows innocent face… adding more sweetness to complete the effect. Keep smiling while UP looked back and forth at MM and his gang*

UP : Betul mau saman ke?
M : Ya
UP : Kalau cam tu, I saman la

*Proceeded to write… or pretend to all the while looking at MM and gang – conscience at work perhaps? Not if I can say so. Walks over and return the ID and license.*

UP : Ah cantik, tak rela saman. Pegi lah.
MM : Betul? I pegi ni…
UP : *nods*
MM : Betul ni?

*Zoom and off she goes into the bustling traffic… and did I mention they were all wearing the badge. The Anti Rasuah badge.*

For guys it would be so so different. Unless…

Uncle Policeman : Boy, u comel/kacak… i bagi u jalan. *while he hands me back my license purposely touching my hand*

That’s freaky. It’s already bad enough, I don’t need to have hungry perverted policeman prowling our streets. He could have jotted down my house address and knock down my door in the middle of the night together with his personal SDU assualt team. Give me my summon anytime. Please.


Annual Fee Free

Am chewing on some seaweed while typing this. How should I start…

The night before I was checking my credit card outstanding payment when a RM90 charge glared back at me. What is this Annual Membership Fee doing in my account statement? The guy I spoke to last time agreed to waive it for 2 years. And this is only the second year. I am pissed. I hate calling up to argue about all these… the hassle and the constant frowning.

But guess what, when I called I was greeted quite warmly and I just mentioned it’s regarding my annual membership issue. The guy on the phone, S (forgot his name) said ok and proceeded with verification details first. When that was done, he just said he will cancel out the charges and all I have to do was to swipe the card for 12 times in a year. I haven’t even said a word yet. My mind went… mmm good good. He then said I qualified for some loan thing which I declined nicely and I even asked him to redirect a card that never seem to reach me. Overall, the service rendered was satisfactory by me. And my statement now says Annual Membership Fee Reversal. Done.

Oh and by the way, my gum does not hurt that bad anymore. Had no problem chewing on some hard rice for dinner yesterday. Hehe. Home cooked rice is nice. Shall we do it more often? *wink*


Cold outside, heaty inside

My lips are cracking a little. I’ve ulcer on my tongue. Sore throat and my gum hurts… badly. The swollen irritated gum is the worst. Literally forced me to make tuna sandwich, papaya and watermelon my lunch. Chewing is hard… have to move the food to the left because the bits that get into the gaps uncomfortable and its hell trying to get it out again. Damn… It’s more like bite bite swallow bite bite swallow.

Will try to down a glass of bitter herbal tea tonight in hope that it will ease my suffering. And teo chew porridge for dinner. Yes… at least something to look forward too. I think I could manage my intake of 3 bowls of porridge today. Yum. Thinking about it makes me hungry.

Hope the pain goes away tomorrow. Shoo…