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Active Furniture : Hanger

Active Furniture is a collaboration project by Cristina Guardiola and Virginia Pol.

Their concept explained.

Active furniture is a collection of three objects which try to keep users physically active by creating new relationships object-user-user-object.

These new relationships are not unidirectional anymore – relationships in which users are the ones who demand from the object and the object obeys.

The pieces of furniture in this collection do anything but facilitate what users want. They force users to perform a physical action in order to make them function. These actions keep users active.

Trying to find a way around the system also implies an effort. In this case, however, it implies a physiological effort.

They have three objects but I am interested to blog about their Hanger. I am sure that I do not need to tell you why.

The Hanger
Placed several meters above the floor, this hanger transforms the wall in a little mountain that needs to be climbed every time users have to get their jacket.

Bye bye pretty manicured nails.


Iceberg Float Wall and Slide

Who has a Olympic size pool at home? Or any of you live near a lake? Unused mining pool perhaps?
The weather has been stifling hot and driving people mad.
If any of you are getting this, please let me know ok?
It’s would be perfect. I found two sites if you are seriously considering to get one of Aviva Sports Iceberg. is selling for  $5,399.99 is selling for $5,888.99

Good le me…

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Tabur East and Mad Monkeyz Gym

My fingers are a bit sore. Some cuts on my leg. But luckily the earlier headache caused by the heatwave has gone. Argh… my body is a bit stiff too. Too much activities for a day but to wrap it up with some personal comfort food… just make the day seems great.

Was up at 6 plus. Went downstairs to get myself a big bowl of soup made earlier. Suppose to cleanse the blood a little. Meanwhile I quickly stuffed my gears in the bags. Eddie called yesterday wanting to hike up Tabur East and do some rock climbing there. I had never been up Tabur East although I have went up Tabur West quite a number of times. We started around 730am. Took some runners with me and my own gears. Damn was it heavy. The hike up Tabur East is different. It’s steep most of the journey. And considerably treacherous too. Oh before I forgot, Rolly Polly said that the Tabur trail is the world’s longest quartz ridge in the world. Maybe so… I did not do any research. But if you hike up Bukit Tabur you will stumble upon a lot of crystal forms. Quite amazing really if you take time to look at them up close.

We trekked up for an hour plus, taking a few rests because it’s really heavy. The gears seems to be getting heavier with every lumbering step I took. And I knew it would be worse during the hike down. I was right. When we reached the rock tower, approximately 8+ meters tall, Eddie went up the rocks from the middle. After some surveying, we finally settled on setting up a top rope system for a 6a climb. Setting up took about 30 mins. The climbing took a maximum of 3 minutes. Including taking shameless poser photoshoots. We vowed while gripping on sharp rocks that this would be the first and last rock climbing we are going to do in Tabur.

We had lunch in Wangsa Maju area. I ate a lot. Again.

Then I suggested to Eddie that we visit the Mad Monkeyz, they are a week away from their official opening. So off we went. No one was there apart from Shang. He was bouldering alone. We walked around and checked the place out. It has been ages since I bouldered. No Summit, no boulder. Surprise surprise, suddenly the rest of the Summit gang came, all unannounced. No prior planning. All the familiar faces streamed in. I feel so good. It was great to see them again and doing the usual hand shake/sign. It was full house by 3pm.

The traversing is just crazy, and I could not even finish half a set. The overhang, the unfamiliar handholds and the lack of power… all contributed to my failure. Haha… and I kept getting cramps in my thighs and calf. Even the feet. Too late for stretches. Dang.
I completed only a few simple routes. The rest, haha…went uncompleted. I even forgot the holds, so won’t be attempting it again. I had FUN that day.

I even joined the gang for thai seafood bbq in Ampang area. It was really really good. I was not expecting to find a restaurant like that. The fried rice is just fragrant and nicely cooked. Simple, with some eggs and prawns. Look golden. Not oily too. The vegetables was ok. Fish was good, so was the squid and tom yam. The grill crab though, is yummy. It’s just simple grill over charchoals or something. Did not check. Too lazy to walk. The meat was still moist and sweet unlike the one I had in Seremban which has already dried up and a little shrivelled. Not a goodexperience at all, especially when I hear so much about it. And the fact that I have been back to the restaurant to eat 3 times within a month is enough proof. Less than 14 days  after this, I went over with Eric and Vincent after work. Very impromptu dinner. I had planned out another dinner with colleagues at this place two weeks later. Though I like it, I think I should get my paws away from seafood for a month or two. Too much cholesterol. At least not that much. I kept forgetting the name, so don’t ask me.

I just remembered a strange thing while we were hiking down from Bukit Tabur Eest. It just occurred to me. It’s a little creepy really. When we were hiking down, we heard some hammering noise. Quite repetitive. I assumed that there was some bum was trying to get some quartz back home for display or something. I made some comments off the fly. As we were approaching nearer and nearer it got a little louder. When I thought that I would see the person in action after the descend, there was none. So I thought where the hell is the guy? I thought I heard wrongly. I even doubted myself for a while thinking that it might be echoes from the construction area instead. Because we could hear the machines quite clearly from up there.

We continued walking down and less than a minute or two the hammering came back on. It was definitely from above. Loud and clear. I asked Eddie if he realized it. Judging by his response, it seemed he did. He told me to go ahead, act as nothing happened. He looked freaked too. As for Rolly, I did not ask him. He just listened quietly. Impossible for a person to hide from us, as the place has not much hiding space. It’s ravine on both sides. Trees are thin and spaced out. Behind rocks? There are no big boulders at that particular section. If it’s a human, normally they would just be there, saying hi. Won’t go to the extend of hiding. Any of you experienced that in Tabur East before? I feel spooked even now when I think about it.

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7 Days In Tonsai

きき : why ah lai never talk one
me : work gua. backlog of 1 week work

Yes folks, that’s the consequences you face for sucking on coconuts while having sea breeze smothering your cheeks and arms, hampered only by occasional vicious but dull mosquitoes… staring blanks out to the sea as far as your eyes can see. Surrounded by enchanting awe bewildering formations of lime stones… it makes you tilt your head so far back that your jaw just opens up slowly… some more sensuous than others. That’s a warning for you. That is Tonsai for you. And that is Tonsai for me, again. Again for 7 straight days.

I have never spent so much time on an island. I believe my dark bronze skin will be a testament of that. I am not even sure I could call it dark bronze. It seemed a bit too much. Haha… will try to avoid being in the sun for now.

I slept well on Friday night, before the departure. The anticipation or excitement was not as strong as the first and Guinness did some work too. Brought 5 bottom, 5 top, 4 boxers and 1 towel. One joker brought like 14 tshirts. God knows how many change of pants he lugged along. Why on earth did he bring such an atrocious amount of clothing one would ponder. At first glance it might be this bozo has no clue about going outdoor. Hello… it’s a climbing trip… not let’s go to Penang makan trip… wake up. But very soon, his motive became obvious, he was there to snag a piece of ass. Really a bad example, especially with him handing down his methods to his “kah cheng”. A girl dragged her suitcase out to Krabi too. That’s a little shocking for the rest of us. Lucky for them the amount of tagging the luggage is very limited. LCCT to Krabi airport, 5 minute walk to private taxi, 5 minute walk to the boat and 15 minute walk to the guesthouse.


Wait let’s rewind a little. *DJ does the sound fx*
Let’s go back to the part where I waited for Rolly Polly and his parents to pick me up. Time check… around 7.30am. Not wanting them to drive all the way in to my place, I walked out to the security post and waited. Finally got the chance to hang out for a while with the personnel there. Been nodding and lifting my hands at them for a long time but never really spoke to them. Made small talk with them and apparently there is a senior citizen who bullshits there every morning. Providing them some pre-breakfast humor. According to the guards, it’s the same old shit, different day only. Just laugh a little won’t hurt anyway. Made the old man feel good. I listened while waiting for the car to arrive. Unfortunately it seems that Rolly has made several wrong turns. He did not leave any breadcrumbs. Soon after the others was calling and messaging me too, concern about where-the-hell-am-i with the where-the-fuck-are-you tone. I decided to walk out to the NZX area to meet them but instead I walked all the way out, nearly reaching the LDP Highway and even contemplating to take a cab when finally they found the right path. Hallelujah. And the angels sing. The monkeys scream. The bulldogs drink. Whatever. I was a little pissed but I felt bad too because they too had their share of morning frustration. Reached the LRT station and thanked auntie and uncle like the well-mannered individual that I am. Time check, nearly 9am.

The rest was already boarding the Air Asia bus. Just in the nick of time. Sat beside Mimi and tried to pick up some Japanese. Observed Jojo who seated adjacent to us. She look excited. Cannot sit still. Put on sunnies, take out headlamp, check batteries, take off sunnies, grab a book, cross her legs, pull curtain, pullback curtain, meddle with the bag, put legs down, put the book back… repeated it till we reached LCCT. It was a funny sight. The rest was behind us happily chattering about climbing in Tonsai, Krabi. Normally I dislike noisy groups while commuting but haha what to do. But still tolerable compared to the girl group that was seated in front of us on the plane. Yes, let’s cut to the in-flight nuisance. The wait at McDonald’s for departure was boring anyway. The girls were all made up. Thick coatings, fake eyelashes, extra large sparkly pupils, strappy kicks, swirly and straight hairdos, body hugging tops, push up bras, mini skirts or short pants, shaved pits and legs… the works yeah. Huddle them together and they are ready to bitch and laugh out loud. A few of them stood for half the flight hunching over the headrest to express their excitement for all to hear. My friend got an eyeful of smooth carrot legs. His eyes lapped up every inch. My seat was not accessible. Damn. It was obvious that the other passengers was clearly annoyed. One went Shut up!!! but it fell on deaf ears. Before it got any worse, we landed.

And so begin the 45 minutes ride in a private taxi to Aonang jetty. Due to Jojo’s pumping adrenaline and high anticipation to rest her foot on the sands of Tonsai, everything from the transfer from airport to jetty and Aonang to Tonsai happened real fast. Soon we found ourselves haggling over rooms at Pasook. Clearly the operators have trouble understanding us. Did a few rounds from room to counter before finally settling down. 400 baht a night shared by 3 person. Although the power are cut off at 6am everyday but it was comfortable enough. We won’t be in the room in the daytime anyway. Naps are taken at Freedom Bar with a cool drink an arm’s length away, cool breeze, crashing of waves, warm hot sun while reggae music lulls you to sleep. The gentle sways of coconut leaves above seems to hypnotize you further. Unbeknown to many, they usually wake up a bit over toasted. But it’s all good.


We actually planned to do some night climbing but we always spent our energy in the day time which practically made us mashed potato at night. At least that was what I felt. I joined the rest for a beer on the first night. The following nights, after a cold shower I would lie down on the bed, knowing mighty well that I will just get on the first bus to dreamland and miss the beer sessions. And I did not even get a single puff that I wanted. Disappointed. I was asleep before 11pm, every day and wake up around 6.30am. Brush up and have a cold shower before heading out for breakfast. I had mine at Chai’s Pyramid Bar during most of my stay. Tried the restaurant at the beachfront once… although it’s buffet and slightly more expensive but the selection does not seem nearly as hearty as Chai’s. I alternate between Muesli with Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt, Tuna Meltz and Grill Cheese and Ham (for this I prefer Ciabatta than Wholemeal). And it was at Chai’s place too that I got possessed as soon as my index finger flipped over the cover. Its been a long time since I laid my hands on graphic novels. I did enjoy Tin Tin a lot a long long time ago. So here I was, all wide eyed and serious, buried deep in Ironman, DareDevil, Steve Rogers aka Captain America, Spiderman… all these fascinating characters in their own executed plots. I looked forward to breakfast everyday… it usually stretched to about 2 and the half hours. I even went back during tea time to finish up Ironman while Lil Person and Ck was scaling up Humanality. But who’s cares? Time was not an issue here. We just do whatever we felt like whenever we wanted to. Aaa… this so far is the most relaxing trip I ever had.

Dinner at Krueythai (definitely spelled wrongly) seldom goes wrong. On the first night I had some grilled barracuda. They even have salmon, tuna and squid too. Although it was fresh and yummy but it was not enough for me at all. Had to order a pad thai to fill me up. Burp. After a few days, dinner time turns to be the best hours to catch up on our daily activities. We traded climbing tales, sharing laughs and weaving a big blanket of gossip. We dine and drank… like small time village head, laughing so hard into the night. The gossip part was fun as each was giving their own version of what they saw and how they perceived the situation. I think 40%, I think success rate 30%, I think 0%… all the debate and opinion just flew across the table followed by roars of laughter with the people that we are talking behind their backs seated few tables in front of us.

As the holiday reaches the end, everyone was proven wrong. We rubbed our eyes, nudged each others in the ribs, unable to believe what was happening as it passes us by. Hand in hand they stroll. After the storm has passed, we turn to each other for a laugh and I resumed to stroke the curves of my Singha with calloused fingers. Yet strangely enough, when light came the next day, everything seemed like normal. No physical action, with the male still executing smooth moves from his manual, which to us might be along the lines like “How to successfully turn your charm on like an Energizer Bunny and Pose on a bouldering wall despite injuring your shoulder.” Being the generous individual that he is, he shares moments of handy tips with a relative who tagged along. A witness of some miraculous phenomena, relative made moves too. But sadly, in his own words and I quote “the ship has left the port a long time ago”

Crap. I just realized I did not mention anything about the climbing there.


Monyet Gila Di Wangsa Maju

Akhirnya kelahiran gym boulder baru kian menjadi kenyataan… ketibaannya dialukan dengan hati yang terbuka. Ku menantikan hari pertemuan pemandangan batu-bata hijau terlantar setinggi mataku memandang, menantikan langkah ke dunia MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym.

Bahasa Melayu aku sudah habis berkarat. Macam sial. Macam manalah aku nak improve ni… argh. Lama dah tak lepak dengan member member dan otai climber yang lain. Kat ofis pun bukannya banyak sangat cakap melayu. Cerita dongeng pun dah kurang. Harap haraplah boleh jumpa balik budak budak Summit kat sana, yang tu pun kalaulah aku rajin sangat nak boulder.

Ok… kat sini aku nak guna balik bahasa orang putih… memudahkan search engine ni.

The new bouldering gym that’s to be opened by the end of April 2009 in Wangsa Maju, christened the MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym is highly anticipated. Become a fan in Facebook. They have a half cook website currently… with pathetically number of photographs up just enough to make you salivate. Damn. Makes you want to be there physically to take in the view. Am not expecting big spacious bouldering area. More of a close cousin of Deltarovers. After all, if not mistaken a handful of those involved are Delta boys. Kudos.

How to get your ass there to break some muscles? Click for a larger image. If link is missing just go to their website.

Still too lazy to click external links? Here is some basic information I grabbed shamelessly from their site.

MadMonkeyz Climbing is Malaysia’s newest climbing gym which currently dedicated to bouldering and movement training for climbing. Located at Wangsa Maju, we host some of Malaysia’s climbing community groups by offering great routes and atmosphere to train in, all close to public transport. Madmonkeyz is open 7 days a week, with drinks and snacks available while training along with a comfy place to chill out!

Enough already. Meet you there someday.
Hope they have a nice place for you to shower. Hate the idea of driving 45 minutes home all sticky and stinky… or worse… an hour plus in a crowded lrt.

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April. Ooo…

New Bouldering Gym In Town!!!
Doubt it’s a rumor this time as a lot of the climbers here knows about it. But the location and when it will open its doors is a little vague. Some said it will be opened by the end of April while a few said it’s already opened. It’s damn good news either way. Am excited about it although the location is a little far… all the way in Wangsa Maju. But if it’s a good place to start bouldering again… why not. It’s been more than 8 months since I really bouldered. Or 10. I lost count.

Right now I am counting down to the weekend. The 11th April to be exact. I am going back to Tonsai for 7 days this time round. There are 2 things going on there this time:

  • a climbing competition – chance to see pros in action, although a few friends met up Chris Sharma in Yangshuo, China last few days.
  • Songkran Festival or “Water Festival” which will start on the 13th April. There are plans to head down to Krabi town to get splashed and soaked. Wee…

Am looking forward to days away from computers and handphones and cars and everything you can find in a dense polluted civilization. Welcome sun, sand, sea, blue skies, trees, wind, simple meal, cool rocks, new faces, cold beer and everything in between. Aaaaa…
My arms are sore now from 2 days of climbing. Not hard climbs. How am I going to last 5-6 days of it? Haha… And I sprained my left back yesterday…

Climb Design

Enschede Climbing Dormitory

The idea of adding functionality to a building wall is just great. Although they are not the first to come up with this idea, but an architect firm in Netherlands, Arons & Gelauff Architects has installed 2500 handholds on the University of Enschede 30m/9 stories dormitory building.
Me like.

This makes an enjoyable traverse. Me like again.

But in Malaysia’s weather and the maintenance needed… I don’t think it will work well. After a while, the holds might get stolen or damaged due to constant exposure to the sun and the rain. Most of the time individuals in charge of taking care of the premise are unqualified or not knowledgeable enough to maintain the walls. Mmm… and I don’t think we would see much buildings like this in Malaysia. Most we have are straight ups. Just long 5Cs-6A+ climbs.

Ale! Ale!

(via Eikongraphia)

Climb Technology

ClimbStation – Rock Climbing Simulator

It’s a treadmill, only that it’s vertical. Haha…
Never thought of it before… seems amusing but seeing a cute chick on it got me concentrating. Come to think of it, they are using a lot of females in their promotional campaign. Sex sells theory, tried and true.

The ClimbStation is the child of Joyride Games based in Finland. From what I observed, exercising on ClimbStation is like bouldering on a moving vertical platform. It takes up a width of 3.0m x 4.8m which is considerably small. But wait up, it has a touch screen monitor for you to login, check performance, display statistics and save top scores too. It enables you to link up to 6 machines for competition. Speed climb whatever. Betcha there is a speedometer to gauge how fast they are going too. Hahaha.

As for difficulty level, I don’t think it could come close to bouldering. ClimbStation could be used for endurance training because it keeps going on and on and on. Would be a nice workout no doubt, but the height factor is not there. Would love to give it a try if given the chance. I will be like a hamster on wheels.
They have a new full flash website launched yesterday, the 25th of February 2009. Interested to have it in your home? Buy one and let me in for the fun ok?


Not So Deep Water Solo

Any of you have a swimming pool at home?
If so, do you happen to love climbing?
And if you do, do you have extra cash to burn?

If your answer is yes for all the three questions, then I propose that you check out Aqua Climb. No no… it’s got nothing to do with hanging transvestites or having them climb on you, perv!

Ain’t this cool. No crash pad needed. No need to use chalk.

Go to their site at to find out more. Apparently AquaClimb is the child of Pyramide USA.

A leader in the wall climbing industry. If any of you decide to install one could you let me in?
I have not been climbing much for more than 4 months. Bouldering to be exact. I missed bouldering at Nomad’s. It seems my feeling is mutual with a number of my fellow climbers.

Received a message in Facebook last few days. A project to get the Nomad wall reconstructed on our own and the news alone is exciting. A few have already volunteered to help setting up the wall. Be coolie in short. *hands up* *whip whip*
Hope it works out because I am missing the climbing, the walls and the friends.

Climb Personal

Breathe a little

So Ms. Rose has spoken and a few before her too… my uncle and some silent readers.
Updates ya… I seem to talk about my climbs and not much about others lately. I have materials that I want to post about reusable shopping bags that I would like to purchase probably this month.

For now, it would still be climbing related. 4-5 posts related to climbing… is it irking any of you yet? It sure does make me smile if a frown appears between your brow and you bellowing, Oh no not again… not another crappy climb story that I don’t understand! Any of you? Please grace me with your frustration towards my posts. No? None… then here comes another.

Got confirmation that the Summit Roxx will be held on Sunday August 10th… an annual indoor rock climbing competition that I would participate… with a few things in mind. To gauge whether I have improved my climbing, get to climb with a big group of friends or would be friends and also making a fool of myself under the needle stares of the public. I could still feel the flutters of butterflies in my stomach when I first joined the competition. I roped along ML… who recently got married, congratulations again… and we called our team SlowMo, it was a MSN nick I used a few years back. Short of slow motion and I am proud to say that we live up to our name. ML has vowed to never again participate. Though, I do think that she did pretty well… gritting her teeth and trying as hard as she could to complete her routes. It was a mixed team event. Nice…

On the other hand, I shall disclose one little tiny weeny detail. Because that we had to be in the complex very early to register and for briefing of the competition, the toilets were not open. And I have this condition/disease/infection that happens everytime without fail. After the butterflies mighty flapping has died down, my bowels seems to get extra hardworking. The nervousness that had built up in my throat and stomach has now decided to head down south. I feel like taking a bloody dump… either a dump or let the trouser snake spits its venom. I frantically searched high and low for an available washroom. And the horror that strikes me… none was available. All was padlocked. The event was about to start. I ushered ML along and assured her I will join her in a moment. Among the chaos, I managed to slip away… into the much abandoned staircase area. Went up a floor and found those large green dumping containers and I let it rip. Stopped once to check for footsteps. This is where I stained my pants a little. Lucky the material dries up fast. That is my first time and hopefully my last. Hey, I was desperate all right… and I forgot whose hand I shook right after my business.

The coming competition would be my third one and hope that I would do better than the year before. But most of all, is that I have loads of fun. One more month to go and it’s time to do some training. I have been doing so in the park opposite of my house when I felt like it. And also doing some harder climbs in the gym or outdoor. My haste has caused me considerable pain since Monday night… I did not do a proper warm up on my neck and shoulder area… and I think I have hurt the nerves connecting to my head… it hurts like a bitch headache if I tried doing chin ups. The agony. I feel it even if I don’t do chin ups. It comes and goes when least expected. Have to lay off for a while.

I am planning to redpoint a 6B climb on Nanyang wall in Batu Caves. The route is called Indecision. That’s my current project. Will look for a few more 6B routes to try. That’s my current standard. And crap… thinking about the route has got my palms all sweaty again. It’s the little dose of adrenalin that shots through my arteries when images of climbing flashes on by. Have you got your shots of adrenalin today?

Aaa… I can hear the echoes of ale ale in the distant. Sweet.