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Corbis Pinhole Cameras

I have always seen these in hobby books and sites. Never really got my hands dirty with it though. Found these on a sub Corbis website. Corbis is a stock image+illustration+footage website. The cameras they offers are designed exclusively with images and illustrations available in their media warehouse. Currently they have 5 designs (Peyote, Photos of Your Mother, Doctor Livingstone, Astrocam and Pablo) but only 3 are with complete download at blog publish time. The PDF file is quite detailed and informative.

Any of you tried making one before?

My fave design is the Pablo.

The result… a bit grainy dreamy feel huh…

Step-by-step instructions
ReadyMech Cameras

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My First Blog Award

Got tagged or rather given an award *wink* during the holiday period by Rizal of RestnRileks… Appreciate it for the heads up, bro. His blog goes by this tagline : Rattan and My World, My Arts, My Crafts, My Design and My Thoughts. So if you are interested in any of the above, just poke around his blog. He happens to be a lecturer at National Crafts Institute on the art of rattan.

Thought that I have some fun with the award. Just some result of an itchy left hand.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If you get tagged (and want to play along), write a post with links to blogs that you love,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

The award was originally done by Emila Yusof who does really nice artworks and products. I really like her illustrations and her style. This talented lady dabbles in sewing too. And her mum is into wedding crafts. Being on her site just inspires me.

Figured that I keep this post short and sweet so that you could save some time and spend it on both of their sites.

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Get Stoned

Fancy getting an oversized pebble or make it several stones in your living quarters? It’s a bit of Zen-ish look but with a huge twist of fun.

Sure it brings calmness, serenity and peacefulness but when you have a few kids in there… it turns into a war zone.

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MP3 Nanum – A WorldVision & GS Caltex Project

Am not a tech freak but I always have a soft spot for simple and cool gadgets. Haha… don’t we all. Nearly. The Koreans are really outdoing themselves in for the past few years, in the entertainment, fashion, design and technology industry and it catches on and spreads like wildfire. This is the second MP3 player I want to share and it’s the Nanum™. The first being Disney’s Mplayer.

Sounds eerily similar to the Apple’s Ipod Nano though but with a whole different cause. I have no idea what Nanum means, it might be something in Korean or it could be a play of words. Anyway this MP3 player is now a part of WorldVision’s project. WorldVision is an international relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, the place where you can find the Sponsor-A-Child Program. With the 1Gb Nanum, they are hoping to raise more funds to help the kids. It’s produced, manufactured and distributed with the sole purpose of giving and sharing. All profits goes to charity 100%. The sites are in Korean so I am not able to get more information. I downloaded 2 free MP3s on the Nanum WolrdVision sponsored site, one of them is a Christmas medley in Korean. 귀여워 (GiYoWo) I think that’s cute in Korean. Loads more photos there.

You might want to have a look at Nanum WV | Nanum GS

The design company involved in this is ID+IM, explaining the insignias printed on the MP3 Nanum. ID+IM means I Design Therefore I Am. This should be home to Prof. Samgmin Bae, the head designer I suppose. Correct me if I am wrong.

Several names are given to this MP3 player it seems. Some called it Nanum, ID+IM called it their Nanoom Project and the linkage on WorldVision is Nanuum. Duh…

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Reflection Room Back In Biz

I blogged about them before but for those of you who don’t know what it is about… here:

Reflection Room is, at its heart, an Art project. Its concept is to wed artistic expression, living space and material recycling. The tone is always colorful, fun, kitsch and accessible to everyone. Each room is inspired by the individuality of Thai artists, freedom of expression and recycling for meaningful urban lifestyle. Reflections Rooms is a friendly boutique for guests who love Art and Fantasy, and desire a different and out-of-ordinary experience staying in Bangkok.

Reflection Room has 17 unique rooms, each specially designed by talented Thai artists, commissioned by art impresario and owner Anusorn Ngernyuang. The artists also create innovative products for everyday use which are on sale. Their expressive paintings and objects are on display at the funky gallery-restaurant, combining artistic soul, great food, and the buzz of Bangkok street life.

In July last year they temporarily closed for renovation but reopened early this year for reservation. But they actually relocated to a new area, a lot more nearer to the weekend market Chatuchak. Currently they have completed 17 rooms but the expected units will be 44. They even introduced 4 news rates ranging from 1850 baht to 3450 baht. You can read about the designer and concept behind the room too. Wanted to stay here but since they were close, the people in Reflection recommended me LUXX Hotel instead. I still prefer Reflection Room after all.
grey day room
Room 211 – Grey Day
listen room
Room  305 – Listen

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HowToons – How To’s In Cartoons

Those of you who love to learn new stuff… or just check out how something is done should really have a look at It’s not your everyday DIY site, where there are just step by step instructions with a photo or two thrown in.
Uh uh… no sir/madam.

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Blink Wink Hello Kitty

Thought that some of you might want to add in something special to your 2008 To Have List. This pair of Hello Kitty contact lenses might help elevate your status from kawaii to super kawaii. Could even land you a spot on the altar and getting worshiped as the Goddess of Cuteness. I said Goddess because I honestly believe only girls would dream of having a pair of those. Any guys are secretly lusting to put on a pair and purr? Do I see any perverted arms up with bushes of “ketiak” hair popping out?

Well don’t be shy. In fact, the nice people at Sanrio recognized the inner cravings of you man who need to be adorned in Hello Kitty wears. Random excerpt in Yahoo’s article recently, ” Hello Kitty turns attention to young men” :

  • We think Hello Kitty is accepted by young men as a design statement in fashion.
  • The usual bubble-headed shape of Hello Kitty was slightly changed for a more rugged, cool look to appeal to men in their teens and early 20s.
    How rugged can it be?
  • The feline for-men products will go on sale in Japan next month, and will be sold soon in the U.S. and other Asian nations, according to Sanrio.
    Yeah, just in time for Chinese New Year!

Honestly, if I got it for free I don’t mind. But definitely not going to splurge on some Hello Kitty stuff on my own. And how many of you will be freaked out when your gf/wife/auntie/mother/grandmother/niece/teacher/bus conductor/etc eyeballs you in a pair of Hello Kitty contact lenses?

via Japundit


Belated Xmas Present… I wish

Voltron : Defender of the Universe has always been one of my favorite when I was growing up. My parents never got me and my brothers the toys though. So we just have to play it out using our imagination every now and then. We would stick to the idiot box like flies to glued paper when the show comes on. I never realized that all these cartoons have a season thing. I just watched all that I could. My grandpa would always nag me to take a bath while I am enjoying it. Geez.
This time round, Reebok decided to have a line of shoes celebrating Voltron. Nope, they can’t transform like the Nike Transformers one does, but instead comes in their respected colors. Oh, you get mini versions of the robots too. I like the Red Tiger Edition which happens to be an Insta Pump Fury. But why in the hell did they call it Red Tiger Edition when Voltron’s are obviously made up of lions? Duh… stupid. Can one get five shoes with the robot and merge into a bigger one? I doubt it.
Will Santa gives a crap about what I want for Xmas now?

It seems that a Voltron movie is in the works.
And I happen to have in my possession an old washed and tattered Voltron T-shirt with a MAS airline logo emblazoned on the back. I rescued it from my aunt’s workshop. It was going to be turn into a rag cloth if I did not intervene. It was my uncle’s cloth before being passed down to my aunt who then sent it to hell. The rescue part was like 4-5 years ago. The real age of the t-shirt? Easily more than ten years I suppose.
I am still wearing it, every now and then.

Here’s the deal Santa. No shoe also nevermind. I would be glad to have a DVD collection of the Voltron. Thanks in advance.


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Stereotypist : 50 questions answered

No not the interview boring approach of course. His stick man doodles does it for John Campbell. Perk up your day or get at least some of your questions thats stuck in your mind involving things happening in our universe answered. Or at least shed some lights on them. *cough* No. I am not really serious about that.
Here’s a taste of what you’ll get.



Solo Cake Plate

Yummy. Am digging the simplicity of the design of Jung-Suk Choi from Korea. It’s a disposable single slice cake plate with its own feeding apparatus. All one needs to do is just fold + tear + fold. And voila, your personal cake plate. My company used to have monthly celebrations of birthdays. We would be having nice chocolate/cheese/fruit/pecan/blablabla cakes every now and then. That’s when I eat gobble up bits of tissues too. Duh…

Looks simple enough to be copied though. Wonder when/if any packaging company out there would bastardized Jung-Sok Choi’s clever design?