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Casper’s Great Escape, nearly

Today officially marks Casper’s disappearance for 1 week.

But to hell with it… everything is fine now. Am so glad.
I could tell when my phone started playing Scooby Doo’s theme song. I spoke to C earlier after dinner regarding our trip to Muar, so there was no special reason for him to call me again. I had been secretly hoping that the poodle will find his way back to C and YF’s arms. Not forgetting GSC @ godmother too although she is far away back north. Been a gloomy week ever since last Merdeka as Casper staged his own big break leaving his sister, Crumbs behind. C and YF looked sad and listless even my aunts speculated that they cried before coming to dinner. They rushed straight back after receiving a call from their groomer saying that Casper was spotted. Alas, it was a false alarm.

Anyway, my bro voiced out his plight in a pet forum and someone got a whiff of it and called C after spotting Casper. He wanted to delay the news but he sucked at it cos his voice was filled with excitement and I could hear YF’s happy voice behind. Sorry bro, you can’t Gotcha! me. 😛
Guess C have to do something to the gates now. Better be safe than sorry. Luckily it ended well. *relief sigh*
No more sad emo MSN nicks. Thank god.

Any of you out there had their beloved pets went missing before?

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