Back to cool

Tried driving over to my relative’s workshop in KL but unfortunately the meter veers to H faster than I can pronounce  Makunouchi Ippo.  It stuck on H when the distance covered was only 2km.  Hesitated whether to  turn back… or soldier on…  alas I decided to hell with it. There is no way I was going to make the 25 minutes journey. I felt like a fatten chicken awaiting slaughter. Was prepared to get my car‘s problem seen at a nearby workshop. Mind you… for the whole time I got behind the wheels… I always, always had my car looked at by my relative. I prep myself for some bad news. Bad news would mean a hole in the pocket.

To my relief, the problem was with the rubber T hoses. The rubbers were all hard and crumbling. The mechanic suggested replacing them with metal T hoses. Twist, pull, poke, turn, squeeze and shake… tadaa… it’s done. It set me back at RM50. Grin.

Ha… got back home after that and the clock was showing 1230pm. Phone rang and surprisingly my climbing buddy was wondering if I wanted to check out some climbing shoes. Mmm… since I was home why not. I have been thinking of getting a new pair of climbing shoes anyway. Looked at 5.10 and Evolve. Was considering these two brands. I already have Mad Rock Flash and an EB lace shoe. Wanted to try a slip on too. After much deliberation and pondering, I got my rough hands on a pair of Evolve Defy from Camp5. The shoe is pure torture as would all new shoes. My right feet is half a size bigger than my left… and argh… I expect at least 2-3 months to break into the Defy. Won’t be able to slip on the new shoes in time for Summit Roxx competition which is going to take place on the 10th August 2008. A month left for training for it. The format this year would be different again. There would be a 3 person team… a female presence is compulsory. Or go solo.

Ops… time to hit the sack. A busy day for tomorrow too. Brunch with SC. Suggested ba kut teh. Then get a hair cut. Followed by a late afternoon pie making session with Qiqi and Jo while being watched on by Cicak, Evil and me. Yum. And a dinner with a long time no see friend. Lots to do. Enjoy your weekend people.