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Found this after reading a write up by Paul R. La Monica (editor of in his article titled “Searching for the next South Park.”

Went over to their site, Their tagline was The Home of Animation. No prize for guessing what’s in store. At aniBoom you could use their free online softwares to create your own animation shorts with either shapeshifter – uses basic geometric shapes to draw or micro-smotion – uses the webcam to animate. Apart from that you could watch loads of animation uploaded by public. They have their own in-house animated series and other cool sections too.

In aniBoom’s FAQ section about themselves : is designed to be the world’s leading animation portal. Interactive and user generated – the ultimate site for animation based Internet entertainment. Geared for everyone in the animation industry. From top professionals to semi-professionals, amateur animators and of course all animation fans everywhere – for where would we be without an adoring audience? will be the community site for the entire animation society, enabling instant online connection with one another. The major functions of the portal include providing a gigantic SHOWCASE for animation talents, supplying ONLINE creative animation tools, and tracking your statistics. will keep you updated on all animation related Media events. And last but absolutely not least… will be jam-packed with exciting competitions offering generous PRIZES. As soon as one finishes, the next one will begin.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sounds interesting? I might have a go at the shapeshifter thing when I am free simply because I don’t own a webcam. Boohoo…


Violence of the Lambs

Had just walked out of the cinema after watching Ratatouille and yes, its good. The animation, the storyline and the feel good factor. Yummy. Should go and watch it. Food-4-thot had watched it too and she said it was good. Good animation plus good food… sure was fun huh?

Anyway as I was walking out of the cineplex, I saw this huge standee with a blood thirsty sheep. It looked kinda funny with blood and possessed eyes. It’s a New Zealand show and the CG effects are done by the people at WETA Workshops – responsible for Lord of The Rings. It’s called Black Sheep, a horror comedy flick. Quote from a reviewer – “Just don’t expect it to be s***-your-pants scary.”

Well, the movie seems to be a no brainer but what the heck. I might not be rushing for this one. If any of you watched it, let me know if its worth while.

The only NZ movie I remember watching and enjoyed was The Whale Rider. Oh yeah and lai@evil was the one who got it for me. Hehe… thanks again ya.


Do not treat teachers like criminals

This post title is related to teachers moonlighting as tutors published in The Stars.

Nowadays the trend for Malaysian students to go for extra classes are catching up too. When I was still in school, I was already going for tuitions. That was like 10 years ago… *cough* Having being chaffeured by my dad or my friend’s parents up and down. Most of the tutors are full time teachers… er… I think all of them are full time teachers. There wasn’t any big fuss about it then but lately those who-help-mould-tomorrow’s-leaders are being tossed in the pan every now and then.

Anyway, if compared to the Hong Kong’s Tutor Gods… I guess we still have a long way. If school teachers who gives tuition are able to afford Paris shopping trips or drives Ferrari then I think they would have resigned a long long time ago. And I would be driving a hand-me-down Porche. Bah…

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Higher Class – Flashy Test Tutors Gain Icon Status in Hong Kong

Well, that’s the title that had my attention when I picked up a copy of Wall Street Journal last week. I wondered what was so phenomenal that garnered this amount of attention. I took some paragraph directly from Jonathan Cheng’s article in the Dispatch. And so it began…

When Richard Eng isn’t teaching English grammar to high school students, he might be cruising around Hong Kong in his Lamborghini Murciélago. Or in Paris, on one of his seasonal shopping sprees. Or relaxing in his private, custom installed karaoke room festooned with giant Louis Vuitton logos.

Mr. Eng, 43 years old, is one of Hong Kong’s best-known celebrity “tutor gods.”

Hong Kong parents are often desperate to help their children succeed in this city’s pressure cooker public examination system, which determines student’s college worthiness. That explains why many are willing to pay handsomely for extra curicullar help. They use flashy, aggresive market tactics that have transformed them into scholastic pop stars, or tutor gods, as they are known in Cantonese.

Private tutoring is big business around the world. Programs that help people prepare for standard tests have become a multibillion dollar industry. Tutoring agencies are also booming in places like mainland China and Japan. Several years ago, Hong Kong’s government estimated that the city’s family spent nearly half a billion U.S. dollars a year on tutoring.

Hong Kong stands out though, for instructors who boldly tout their success rate – and their own images. They pay to have their faces plastered throughout city on 12-meter-high billboards and the sides of double decker buses. They are also known for buying ads that take up the entire front page of newspapers – space more commonly filled by banks and property developers. One local television station is even preparing to launch a fictional drama series based on the lives of the tutor gods.

The tutors won’t say exactly how much they make. But typically, a popular tutor might teach 100 students in a single lesson, each paying as much as US$12.50 to be there. So a tutor working 40 hours could gross US$50,000 in a week. “It’s big business,” says Ken Ng, a well-known tutor god. “That’s why I’m driving my second Ferrari.”

Years ago, Mr. Eng remembers, tutors were looked down in Hong Kong as second-rate teachers. Now, he adds, people ask for his help and “they say, ‘I want to be a tutor god.’ ”

* There are parents who do not approve of the way things work but …

Rosa Wong, 46, says she is put off by the “deification” of the tutors. “In my heart, I don’t agree with the preactises,” she says. But that didn’t stop her from enrolling her 16 year-old daughter Sarah in classes with four different tutor gods. She decided on the best ones after watching sample lesson videos on YouTube.

“When everyone elses takes their classes, and your children don’t,” says Ms. Wong, “you’re afraid they won’t be as competitive.’ Besides she says, these teachers are great at “tipping” or predicting questions – an important edgethat could determine her daughter’s future.

Sometimes, the tipping seems to be a little too accurate. A few tutors have been known to guess questions that appeared in nearly identical form on the actual tests. This spring, a legislator here called for a formal investigation into any possible ties between tutors and testing officials.

For full article, click here : The Wall Street Journal Online

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The Bad Comics Challenge by Nedroid

If you are free… head over to 200 Bad Comics by Anthony “Nedroid” Clark. Seems like he was challenged and he being the gentleman and scholar that he is, gracefully accepted and what results it has. Really inspiring. Some are so lame that its funny. Erm… what am I talking. Anyway he can really draw… wonder how long it took him to get it done.

See : Bad Comics Challenge


Peter Piper Left Some Alive

Am going for the latest animated film this week, Ratatouille by Pixar. Watched their trailer months before and friends who had watched the premiere have been praising it.

The previous movie from Pixar, Cars was a little disappointing to me. I have watched every single Pixar movie to date and I particularly loved Monster Inc., Nemo and Toy Story 1 and 2. Can’t wait.

Oh and I could not resist. Hehe…

Are the letterings too small for you? Or is it fine? Or whatever…

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To Catch A Criminal, You Have To Think Like One

I don’t watch a lot of TV. It’s been that way for quite some years. But lately a few shows have got me hooked. One of it is the Criminal Minds. It tells the adventures of Agent Gideon, Hotchner and the rest of their BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) teammates . The concept of the story differs as it focus on the criminal themselves rather than the crime.
The agents does a voice-over of quote from famous author or poet that relates to the story at the beginning orthe end of the eipsode. Nice touch. Currently, I am watching Season 2 now and Season 3 would premiering on September 26th, 2007. Those who have not watch it before, give it a go. It’s kinda contagious though. Hachoo…

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Psst. Just to let you know that Agent Gideon will leave the show. Oow…

Art Design Friends

Happy Toilet Project

Was surfing the net and super busy Shawna asked me to visit her blog. Her school, Fajar Secondary School had a Happy Toilet Project where students gave their toilet a complete make over. Different themes are given to each level. A very interesting and cool project indeed. Good job! Images stolen from her site.

Mmm… a bit hard for our toilets. Better forget it to save time and heartache.

Art Design

Cocoa Jambo

The past weeks was hectic so I did not manage to do any postings.

Here’s something to share. Any idea what it is?

Chocolates! Amazing huh.

Its actually an opening exhibition theme for 21_21 Design Sight gallery in Tokyo.

Quoted from
Thirty designers, artists and photographers plunge into our peculiar relationship with this sticky stimulant, using an array of differing media.

Here you get to see them communicating through chocolate as their medium. Yummy…
Check out the shapes and sizes they come in. Would love to some melting in my mouth. Hope they come in dark chocolate.

Cocoa Power!


Give Me My Saman!!!

The experience below is not mine but of someone I like to call mine. *snicker*
It happened yesterday morning and here is my loose translation of the account.

MM turned at a junction and Uncle Policeman and his friends were already soliciting with other drivers there.

Uncle Policeman : Sudah kahwin?
MM : *looks up blur a bit* Belum.
UP : Nak pegi mana ni…
MM : Balik ofis
UP : Amoi, Lesen… Tak pakai seat belt, saman ya.
MM : Berapa? *handing license over*
UP : RM150…*pause*… cam mana sekarang?
MM : Saman la.
UP : Betul mau saman ke? Tak mau settle sekarang?
MM : *shakes head* … Tak mau
UP : Huh.. mengapa?
MM : Takde duit, cik
UP : Berapa u ada?

*MM purse has RM60, but she show no signs of submission.*

MM : Ni duit untuk makan. Takde gaji sekarang.
UP : Betul mau saman ke?
MM : Ya, saman lah.
UP : Betul ke?
MM : Saman le cik, pasal bila dapat gaji saya boleh bayar. Kalau bagi sekarang I dah tak cukup duit makan. Macam mana…
UP : U patut kahwin.. tengok… sekarang takde suami cover
MM : Takde jodoh apa boleh buat
UP : Amoi, pasti u demand tinggi

*MM smiles sheepishly and shows innocent face… adding more sweetness to complete the effect. Keep smiling while UP looked back and forth at MM and his gang*

UP : Betul mau saman ke?
M : Ya
UP : Kalau cam tu, I saman la

*Proceeded to write… or pretend to all the while looking at MM and gang – conscience at work perhaps? Not if I can say so. Walks over and return the ID and license.*

UP : Ah cantik, tak rela saman. Pegi lah.
MM : Betul? I pegi ni…
UP : *nods*
MM : Betul ni?

*Zoom and off she goes into the bustling traffic… and did I mention they were all wearing the badge. The Anti Rasuah badge.*

For guys it would be so so different. Unless…

Uncle Policeman : Boy, u comel/kacak… i bagi u jalan. *while he hands me back my license purposely touching my hand*

That’s freaky. It’s already bad enough, I don’t need to have hungry perverted policeman prowling our streets. He could have jotted down my house address and knock down my door in the middle of the night together with his personal SDU assualt team. Give me my summon anytime. Please.