Annual Fee Free

Am chewing on some seaweed while typing this. How should I start…

The night before I was checking my credit card outstanding payment when a RM90 charge glared back at me. What is this Annual Membership Fee doing in my account statement? The guy I spoke to last time agreed to waive it for 2 years. And this is only the second year. I am pissed. I hate calling up to argue about all these… the hassle and the constant frowning.

But guess what, when I called I was greeted quite warmly and I just mentioned it’s regarding my annual membership issue. The guy on the phone, S (forgot his name) said ok and proceeded with verification details first. When that was done, he just said he will cancel out the charges and all I have to do was to swipe the card for 12 times in a year. I haven’t even said a word yet. My mind went… mmm good good. He then said I qualified for some loan thing which I declined nicely and I even asked him to redirect a card that never seem to reach me. Overall, the service rendered was satisfactory by me. And my statement now says Annual Membership Fee Reversal. Done.

Oh and by the way, my gum does not hurt that bad anymore. Had no problem chewing on some hard rice for dinner yesterday. Hehe. Home cooked rice is nice. Shall we do it more often? *wink*