Announcement : Adopt Terry

Adoption Canceled
My friend is moving to a new place and it seems she does not have much space for Terry anymore. With heavy heart she has to give him up for adoption.
She had the dog since June 2006… when he was still a pup. Am not too sure about the breed though.
Saw him once and he is one healthy, mischievous, funny and cute little one. Toilet trained. Follow commands like roll over, sit and other stuff.
Anyone interested? If yes, check out her blog and contact her or leave a message here and I will let her know. Cheers!

Read her post : Adoption Anyone

Update :
Terry’s current location is in PJ.

More Updates:
It seems that auntie (dragon girl’s mama) has kinda feel attached to Terry and now he is staying put. So the adoption is off. Thanks a lot for all your kind attention though.

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Awww, Terry is so cute. It’s always sad when owners had to part with their pets for unforseen circumstances…

Will checkout the owner’s blog though. 🙂

i like terry but my mother in law house already got 2 dog… well i dont mind to adopt it.

just worry little terry will get bully by the big male’s dog… i am thinking what about you let me bring terry back for about 1 week to check his situation?

love to here from you…

left my comment in my blog for you jin, but just in case you did not manage to read it, i wanted to apologise for the false alarm but my mom has grown fond of the dog and changed her mind. thanks for the offer. Really appreciate it

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