Amazon Japan – Custom Shipping Box Robot

Don’t think the little fellow here can transform. Hehe… but what if he does?
It’s a robot toy commissioned by Amazon Japan. It would be on sale in December and going for USD15. Another gift idea for Xmas huh.

“This collectors toy is a customization of original Revoltech Dunboard figure, from the manga Yotsuba, produced by Kaiyodo and designed by Azuma Kiyohiko (of Azumanga Daioh fame) and Yotsuba Sutazio.”

I googled Yotsuba and it seems like a worthwhile manga to read. Wonder if I could get online scanslations version of it.

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@ gobi
thanks a lot for the link. will check it out. but i was wondering, the yotsuba is a cute manga ain’t it? so i take you are a small fan of cuteness… 🙂

Like I said, it was irresistible. 🙂

It’s one of those manga that charm even the most jaded of souls so it’s no real surprise it’s gained fans young and old, East and West.

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