Cold outside, heaty inside

My lips are cracking a little. I’ve ulcer on my tongue. Sore throat and my gum hurts… badly. The swollen irritated gum is the worst. Literally forced me to make tuna sandwich, papaya and watermelon my lunch. Chewing is hard… have to move the food to the left because the bits that get into the gaps uncomfortable and its hell trying to get it out again. Damn… It’s more like bite bite swallow bite bite swallow.

Will try to down a glass of bitter herbal tea tonight in hope that it will ease my suffering. And teo chew porridge for dinner. Yes… at least something to look forward too. I think I could manage my intake of 3 bowls of porridge today. Yum. Thinking about it makes me hungry.

Hope the pain goes away tomorrow. Shoo…

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iyo, i got drink a lot. more than 2 litre but still … 🙁 i shall avoid spicy and heaty food more. and sleep earlier… haha

lai, the first suggestion don’t think it works . But yeah, I did drink my bitter tea… those packet ones… next time give you some to try…

brush more teeth and use listerine… it work for my dad….
most important is sleep early… eat “cheng cheng”… water still need to drink a lot too…

ha!.. pitty for u

u can ask ur girl girl to cook sup for u to drink… sure good, no good come to find me..

but come find me also no use… i dont know how to cook sup..

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